Fash Design 3: Conceptual

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What is the idea, thought, concept behind [fashion] design? What is the relationship to the human [form]? Is function critical to successful design? Fashion Design 3/Conceptual explores material, structure, weight, movement; the relationship between form & function; traditional & non-traditional materials & method; relevance of historical & current context. Any & all art, design, aesthetic work & theory is both reference & source. Projects are the means to refine individual expression, and to practice conceptual & critical thought. Design and craft of projects will use materials & techniques that best serve each statement. Breaking the rules of traditional garment making is encouraged. The course is critique based, requires research, development, visual and written presentation of professional standard. Emphasis is on individual crafted statements,& where appropriate, supplemented with application to a 'collection' context. Design development, continuous sketch/research development, study of process, time-management, presentation quality is emphasized in preparation for senior collection.