The Leading by Design Fellows Program will not be offered in 2015 but will re-open for admission in 2016.

Please email Susan Worthman, Director of The Leading by Design Fellows Program,, if you are interested in applying for Summer-Fall 2016.

CCA's Leading by Design Fellows Program seeks senior managers and professionals who are looking to make a greater impact -- people who want to drive meaningful change and innovation on the job and in the world.

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Applicants should be currently in, or advancing into, leadership positions of increasing responsibility, and have strong communication and collaboration skills.

Six months in length, the Fellows Program begins in the summer with a three-day residency (Thursday-Saturday). It then meets each month over two days (Friday and Saturday) for the next five months.

Application Schedule

Applications for the 2016 Fellows Program will be accepted starting Fall 2015. Please email Susan Worthman, Director of The Leading by Design Fellows Program,, if you are interested in applying in 2016.

Tuition Costs for 2014

Tuition includes all books, materials, field trips, fees, and meals.

Priority consideration (complete application received on or before Friday, March 7): $11,500
Applications submitted after March 7: $12,000

A special tuition rate is available to CCA alumni and professionals working for a nonprofit. Please contact Susan Worthman at for more information.

Financial Assistance

CCA does not offer financial aid for the program. However, there are private loan programs for continuing education, as well as Federal tax credits and deductions for tuition.

  • Private loans: Be sure to ask your bank, credit union, or credit card company about private loans for continuing education. These are typically low interest.
  • Employer reimbursement or support: We’re happy to help you construct a business case to present to your employer. (Often there are budget line items for professional development or attendance at conferences that can be tapped as sources to defray some portion of the tuition.)

    Check with your Human Resources department in advance about the tuition reimbursement policies. The Fellows Program is a certificate program, not a degree program; neither credit units nor grades, are given, although we do evaluate performance. This may be an issue, depending on your company's policies.

  • Tuition tax credits and deductions: Federal tax credits and deductions exist for lifelong learning and continuing education. Refer to this IRS publication for full details
  • Additional information: Refer to for other resources, ideas, and information.


You do not need to complete your online application in one sitting. Once you have begun your application, you can return to it to add attachments or finish other sections.

Follow the instructions in the application to submit contact information for your letter of recommendation.

You will not be prompted to pay the application fee until you click on the submit button.

Once submitted, your application can no longer be changed, but you can still log back into your application to check on whether your recommendation letter has been received.

Your online application will include the following:

A personal essay
In 1,000 to 1,500 words, describe your relevant leadership and management experience and how it has shaped your career. Please explain what you hope to learn and achieve through this program as well as what value you believe it can provide to you.

In addition, please address the following questions in your essay (you do not have to answer them explicitly). Consider your organization, community, industry, or society as a whole:

  • Describe the kind of change that’s needed (or you’d like to make). What’s your vision for a better direction and optimal future?
  • What do you see as the two or three most pressing problems in any of the above arenas? What would you like to focus on solving for your project in the program?

An expanded résumé
Detail specific responsibilities, achievements, and learning experiences that resulted from your previous employment positions. Include the projects on which you've worked.

A letter of recommendation
One letter of recommendation is required from a former or current employer or client/customer who can attest to your achievements and organizational responsibilities. Be ready to supply an email contact for this person in your online application.

A $70 nonrefundable application fee: You will not be prompted to pay the application fee until you finish the application and click the submit button.

Because this application is used for CCA graduate programs as well as for the Leading by Design Fellows Program, you will be prompted to add a second recommendation and a transcript. Please skip over these requests; they are not necessary for your application. You will be able to submit your application with only the items included in the list above.


Although not a requirement, potential Fellows are encouraged to schedule a phone, Skype, or face-to-face interview with Leading by Design Fellows staff or faculty.

To do so, please contact program Director Susan Worthman:

More Info

For additional information, or if you have further questions, contact us: