Wkshp: Stranger than Fiction

With the digital revolution, documentaries may be the most interesting and vital form of filmmaking today. The best non-fiction films and installations are not just presenting documentations of reality but rather creating artistic representations of reality. This hands-on intensive workshop explores the history and evolution of this non-fiction art form through an exploration of the various documentary filmmaking methods, modes, and techniques. Students will apply these various modes and techniques on their own projects, which may be either screen or installation-based work. Students jump right into this cutting edge art form, producing three individual projects over the semester: an observational piece, a documentary short intended for the web, and a short character-driven piece. Each student directs, shoots, and edits two projects, and partners on a third, gaining first hand knowledge of idea development, conceptualization, research, proposal writing, conducting interviews, and shooting and editing compelling material, all from real-life.