Engage: Document Calif Hotel

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In this production oriented ENGAGE/Film Program Workshop, students will each make short documentary films about the residents of the California Hotel in West Oakland as it goes through the process of rehabilitation. Students will learn about documentary film production from start to finish, including idea development, researching and finding "characters", developing sensitive and perceptive relationships with one's film subjects, interviewing techniques, observational filmmaking principles, story visualization, creating visual metaphors, documentary shooting and sound recording, documentary production methodologies, and documentary story structure and editing. Students will be expected to crew on at least one other production, and students will have the option of working in teams. The California Hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.It was constructed in 1925 and, its heyday, many jazz greats, including Billie Holiday, performed in the Hotel lobby. As the building goes through a renovation (with the stated goal of "preservation, community, health, and revitalization"), CCA students will create cinematic documentary portraits of its current residents, as well as telling the story of the hotel's rich history.