Interactive Narrative

How can we as listeners, creators, and participants effectively use Interactivity in social, political and creative contexts? What role does interactive narrative (and storytelling) play in the modern world of globalization? This studio course will explore new and effective ways to apply, create and communicate interactive narrative designed for multimedia, installation, and Web. Final projects will be multimedia based, including web and site-specific installation. We will discuss the interactive potential of narrative and how to get there considering and in context of historical overviews of story space, web-based narratives, participatory theater, early games, branching structures, social networks, and other interactive narrative platforms. We will explore interactive authoring tools (HTML5 and/or equivalent and others) and technologies appropriate for authoring interactive narrative for multimedia, video/film/DVD, Web and installation. Student Projects will include fixed media (web, DVD, computer) and location-based media (installation, performance). No pre-requisites are necessary but a personal Hard Drive (Mac compatible) is required.