New Digital Media: Multiplex

Multiplex is a forum for student films, videos, works in digital media as well as web-based projects. Students explore a variety of concepts and strategies for work in non-traditional media. The work of contemporary local and international artists is examined to provide a context for student projects. Alternative forms of distribution and exhibition, like artist run galleries, mobile theaters and the internet, are investigated as ways to engage the viewer.

This section of New Digital Media emphasizes exploration and creation of interdisciplinary works using media with an emphasis on art, science and design in an ecological and global context. Students will select and research an area of personal interest and create art works based on your research. Interpretations may be abstract, conceptual or representational. Topics may range in scope from Bio-ethics, Genetics to Astronomy and GalacticTravel to Ecology, social justice or Health. Media may include light, projections, installation, web, video, digital media,interactives. Field Trips and Guest artists and scientists may provide inspiration and potential source material. Final Works will be presented and exhibited at end of the semester.