FAS: Libido of Death

In Libido Of Death we will discuss all existence through an unquestioning assumption of the dubious continuing usefulness of queer ontologies in relation to art making. This critical lens will focus our consideration of your work, the work of others and queer ontologies in general, into a laser sharp point, whose myopic density will preclude all others. The forms of art making that we consider will include sculpture, drawing and painting whose primary points of reference shall be expressionism, humor, and scatology. Performance will also be granted an audience. It is a well-worn cliche that the practice of critique in art school long ago fused with the most debased and cultish forms of American-style psychoanalysis. Libido Of Death seeks to fully institutionalize this dynamic, and in doing so, accelerate beyond the pithy limits of acceptability. To those of you seeking affirmation for your efforts, I say : "The ego is strong enough!" To those of you willing to concede your desire I say : "I am a practitioner of all that is sadistic, debauched, and abject in this field. Follow me!"