FAS: Color Intensive

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This Graduate Color Intensive Seminar is open to fine arts students working in any medium, and comprised of 3 parts: Color Exercises and Writings, Color/ Non-Color Project, and Collaborative Studio Visit. Weekly studio-based color exercises with an emphasis on looking more than talking, give students the opportunity to sort out their own intensified experiential investigations into color behavior and perception. Brief weekly writings function as a side project that engages the language of color, and conversations about the readings and the work form a group dynamic that encourages risk and experimentation. Through short and fast studio-based exercises we examine varying ways to break habitual studio patterns that may or may not be holding the work back. Students develop a project that engages with the particular issues raised within the framework of these experiments, and through this project students arrive at a deeper and more articulated understanding how color (or non-color) functions and behaves in the building of their own visual language. In the middle of the semester, students expose their work and ideas with a peer from Writing, Visual Criticism, or Curatorial Practice, in a one-on-one studio visit. At the end of the course each student presents their work to the class with a more expanded set of concerns and ideas around color, and the group gives feedback about how to continue the project beyond the scope of the class.