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Students will build contextual programs and events that support art exhibitions or artist projects scheduled to take place in Fall 2011. They will create supportive programmatic works by partnering with select institutions and contemporary art spaces here in the Bay Area. The realized projects will be two events that require students to work with or for a given institution or gallery space using their own areas of interest and expertise as a guide. The programmatic works will respond to and support the exhibitions and work selected. Types of programs that "could" take place are: supportive lectures and performances, mail art intervention projects, corresponding exhibition alternatives in neighboring locations, role-playing mixers, public workshops, opening night event programming, the creation of an alternative version of the exhibition in the opposite part of town, programming for an art or performance venue, the creation of a video work that can be broadcasted, radio programming, a bus tour scavenger hunt, film screening, themed brunch event, live drawing evening, constructed response to the exhibition that takes over an entire street block. The final projects will be based on the student's expressed interests, research and abilities. This course will give students first hand experience interacting with arts institutions and galleries, interfacing with arts professionals, and knowledge of the inner workings involved with exhibition planning. It will challenge students to be inventive as they connect with art audiences and create platforms to share their ideas as well as creatively build context for an idea. Partnering spaces might include: Oakland Art Museum - SFMOMA education department - Triple Base - 18 Reasons Johanson Projects (Oakland First Fridays) - Mission Cultural Center - YBCA - Intersection for the Arts (HUB location) - Kadist (del Pesco Programmed Space) - Southern Exposure - Grey Area Foundation - SF Arts Commission Gallery - NOMA - Creativity Explored - Museum of Craft and Folk Art.