Thry: F-Word 2015

History and Theory courses are designed to hone students' critical skills through intensive reading and writing assignments. Recent course topics have included gender, ethics, disease, aesthetics, and discourse on global art movements of the past 50 years.

F-Word 2015: A Practicum in Feminist Art Are you thinking about desire-bodies-gender-sexuality? About ideas of self/"truth"/intuition? How about pop culture, social networks, and regimes of representation? Or handwork, domesticity, dailiness? Does your art-making deal with language? With questions of institutional power and access? Issues of race, acculturation, community? Fantasy and masquerade? The unsayable? If so, the legacies of feminist art belong to you. In 2015, what does that mean? In this practicum, we will combine the study of artists, art works, and texts key to 2nd and 3rd wave feminist thought with a deep inquiry into class participants' current studio practices. Looking, reading, and wide-ranging discussion will be foregrounded; fearless curiosity and a will to claim your own work will be paramount. Any and all genders, pronouns, and presentations are welcome in this course.