Thry: Issues in Contemp Art

History and Theory courses are designed to hone students' critical skills through intensive reading and writing assignments. Recent course topics have included gender, ethics, disease, aesthetics, and discourse on global art movements of the past 50 years.

This class aims to survey and analyze selected pockets of international contemporary artistic production, while keeping an eye on key theoretical texts that inform some of these practices. Topics discussed will include, but not be limited to: the post-medium condition, appropriation, the "non-productive attitude" and refusal, networked art, historical referentialism, lecture performance, sincerity, and the relationship between current economic and political forms and contemporary art. This course is by no means aiming for comprehensiveness, and, in addition to the broad range of topics listed above, our semester plan will have some built-in space to respond to where the group's as-yet-undetermined research investigations and interests lead. This theory seminar will be reading, writing, and presentation intensive. Short periodic written response papers will be required, as well as several oral presentations of artist and reading assignments. Students in all disciplines and mindsets are welcome.