"DP 2: I Make, Therefore, I am"

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This course will focus on studio process and making. It's often represented in the academic context, that to make a good work of art, one must start with a sound idea. While this may be true in some cases, many of us are inventing it as we are making it and then adjusting accordingly. Often, underlying conceptual concerns present themselves only AFTER the works are made. We will discuss works as they are developed, altered and ultimately realized through process, trial and error and experimentation. Where do mistakes, chance and accidents factor into the studio equation? We will also examine the roll that intuition plays in the studio. Ultimately, this course seeks to deconstruct and demystify processes that on the surface seem to be vague or "unknowable". The goal here is to help the artists to begin to take responsibility for these seemingly "intuitive" choices and to identify emerging patterns and themes that come together to build a consistent thread. While this clarity may only be evident with hindsight, we recognize that to function in contemporary art culture, it is imperative that we find the language to elucidate our individual practices. The dominant component of this course will be group critique but we will also have a field trip, a visiting artist and a minimal amount of reading related to our topic.