DP2: Pendulum

This dialogues and practices seminar focuses on radical dual strategies as a practice. Many contemporary artists have dual practices, or would like to move their works into new areas but are not sure how to accomplish this. This seminar is a place where this fostered, tested, and evaluated. One strategy is to think of the duality of the work and create spaces for unlikely material choices to coexist. The other idea is to allow the creation of two strategies of work for the same underlying meaning, but at first glance this is not apparent to viewers. How much do you want viewers to get? Towards this end students will look at their art making practice and be able to manifest sometimes opposite strategies. For example, what is the darkest and lightest palette you can use? What is tragedy and humor of your work? What is two dimensional, and what has to be 3D in space? Time based media can intermingle with a physical work of art or not? Interdisciplinarity can be a goal, but so too is a parallel practice where no two media meet. Testing the creative pendulum is a life long strategy that can foment your work towards originality.