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The second semester of Dialogues & Practices deepens the contact and critical focus of the first semester and also serves as the central class that prepares the first-year students for their advancement review, which occurs at the end of the second semester. One of the central focuses of Dialogues & Practices 2 is on cultivating individual methods of experimentation within a students practices, with the aim of moving their work either conceptually, formally or materially well beyond the level and quality of work with which they entered the program. Can we construct a practice that hovers between precarity and demystification? How does the state of precarity manifest in contemporary practice, and how can it be used to propel meaning within contemporary artworks. How does it arise between the various elements of an interdisciplinary installation, between a performance and its context, between a drawing and its audience? This class will delve into the experience of precariousness, investigating the condition of the wanderer, the task of errantry and the ever-present processes of translation that lie between the creation and reception of artworks. Through a combination of group critique, the development and exhibition/presentation of finished work, theoretical reading and field-trips, this class will explore the balance between knowing and uncertainty as a primary lens to understand our art making.