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Full title: "Music and Art: A Relationship" From moments that position themselves at the threshold of sound and music, through to works that embrace the seduction of a score or the fantastical space of verse chorus verse, this class will begin to pick away at the threads of the relationship that art and music share. Aiming to expose the often-overlooked details and idiosyncrasies of this coupling, we will look at the cultural potency and emotional agency of music and study how artists have employed it as medium and subject, using it as both a critical tool and a seductive trope. We will look at the slippage where music and art blur, leading us to query the role of each in order to determine differences and similarities. Questions will arise as to how we as viewers and listeners interpret the varying intentions of artist and musician. What actually happens when an image or a performance share the same space as music? To what extent have moving images and music become correlational? And what role does music play in accommodating understanding beyond the intellectual? Allowing a certain amount of fluidity and flexibility with regards to the definition of the term, students will be asked to develop a piece of artwork that will incorporate music written by themselves, either individually or as a group. This could take the form of a performance, a video, an installation or any other method of art making developed and contextualized as part of the class. There will be various group meetings, studio visits, screenings and (minimal) readings throughout the semester.