SRL: By Any Means Necessary

This Studio Research Lab will use screen-printing to enhance and inform students' means of approaching, tweaking and complimenting their particular medium of choice. Hand drawn, photographic and digital techniques will be used in creating stencils for screen-printing. These methods will be taught and utilized in order to inform and compliment artists' work on a number of substrates: including paper, canvas, textile fabrics and clothing. The class will be encouraged to push the limits of their approach to work production. We will consider the use of appropriation and the multiple in contemporary artistic practices. Class will meet in the evenings to use the facilities in Oakland for production means, however we will also meet at alternative locations determined throughout the semester in order for students to be able to apply what they learn in class for use in any location, anywhere, any time in the future. Students will be expected to purchase screens for printing which will cost approximately $50-75 (which they will keep once the semester is over).