FAS: More Than Ink

Full title: More than Ink: Intermedia Printmaking The impetus for this course is to examine printmaking in contemporary artistic practice and to explore how the print matrix can be used in the vocabulary of intermedia work. To cover the broad scope of printmaking we will look at its traditions as a departure for contemporary artists who utilize print media in an intermedia or interdisciplinary context. Recent discourse in the international print community has focused on such, Philagrafika 2010, Impact 7: Intersections & Counterpoints 2011, and the Southern Graphics Council International 2011 conference: Equilibrium have addressed this. If the print matrix is a blueprint for construction, this poses the question; how can the matrix be used as a formal and conceptual framework to inform creative practice? And expand the vocabulary of printmaking? Students will explore ways in which print media and concepts such as imprinting, multiplicity, seriality and reproduction have the potential to inform and enhance their studio practice. Students will be encouraged to attend the 2012 Southern Graphics Council International Conference: Navigating Currents. New Orleans, Louisiana. March 14-17, 2012. http://sgcinternational.org/conference-2/2012-new-orleans/