FAS: Page From Their Book

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Full title: A Page From Their Book: Artists and Writers Share Process Strategies In this experimental workshop, techniques and exercises from improvisation to installation using word and image will be used to generate new works that explore both writing and visual art, as we expand on the question: how can the framework of one creative field advance practices in another? Working together in pairs or larger groups, artists and writers will write and read and make visual and literary work, drawing on chance, Fluxus, performing poetry and collage in image, text, and found sound. In an exercise developed at St Martin's College, London, for example, students are given materials, a clean room and three hours. Judgment is suspended and discussion is discouraged to promote process and interaction over design. Writing exercises will include the following: write two pages that are that are all images and no explanation; write about an object that is also a biography of a person. As a community of collaborators sharing work and ideas, reaching across boundaries and disciplines, we will broaden the palette of possibilities by inventing new forms and elements. If nothing else, we will figure out how and where William Carlos Williams and Andy Warhol meet.