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This course takes a quick approach to understand the function of narrative over time and uses hollywood films and experimental film and video to explore. How does the structure of conventional story-telling in film and time-based media provide the anchors and touchstones for experimental works throughout the 20th century. The understanding of the functions of narrative arc, foreshadowing and backshadowing, or the use of symbol or soundtrack for example changes the way media is experienced and/or understood by the viewer. Most of this is learned unconsciously by watching film and television from a young age. This rigorous course dismantles time-based media over the past century to explore the underpinnings of hollywood media and the media artists and selected works of time-based-work that sublimates the style and tropes that hollywood films rely upon. Selected works and accompanying readings include: Orson Welles, Oliver Stone, Coen Brothers, Yasujiro Ozu, Lars von Trier, Mike Figgis, Stan Brackage, Maya Deren, Gary Kibbins, Nam June Paik, George Kuchar, Bruce and Norman Yonemoto, Luis Bunuel, Leslie Thornton.