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A public access television program exploring: work, images, how images work, and how work is imaged, in the immediate San Francisco area. Based loosely on the 1976 Jean-Luc Godard and Anne Marie Mieville television series 6 x 2, the members of this course will work together to produce a two-part program to be aired on local public access television. In 1976, Godard and Mieville were operating Sonimage (sound and image), a small communications factory in France where the workers (Godard and Mieville) would collect sounds and images and combine them to produce information, which would then be sold as programming. Among the programs they produced was a radical 12-part series for government television in Mozambique, which used a variety of forms, including interviews, video essays, and text onscreen, to address contemporary questions of labor, and how people work, with words and images. The first segment of this course will focus on screenings, historical readings, and workshopping the structure and content of the program. From there we'll begin to research and storyboard the segments, reach out to any guests, and get oriented at the public access station. The final segment will be devoted to filming and production. No previous television experience is necessary.