FAS: Where You Are Not

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Full title: "Where You Are Not: From Literal to Conceptual Use of Negative Space" - A great speech is nothing without its well-timed pauses. The term "negative space" is used when attention is drawn to a void by virtue of what is done in "the active space." This building block in creativity can be applied to any art form: writing, sculpture, performance, music, film, and so on. Students in Where You Are Not will study how past artists have put negative space to service - theatrically, politically, and poetically, deliberately or unintentionally - and apply these lessons to their own work. This is a studio class, which will use historic examples as a springboard for inspiration. We'll be looking at art works, critiquing films, studying events in time, and discussing assigned readings, which will set up various studio projects. Students will start by using basic tools such as collage, cut-up writing techniques, printmaking, and castings. Later, each student will develop work in the medium of her or his choice, with the goal of turning in a work that reflects a firm grasp of the materials studied and extended to an ends that shows a capacity for creative thinking. Where You Are Not seeks to make the student aware of tensions between marks on the paper, in history, in architecture, in a variety of landscapes, in biographies and more, and teaches them how to activate this space.