DP2: Visceral Process

True/False: Theatricality, Illusionism, and the Pleasure of Process The second semester of Dialogues & Practices deepens the contact and critical focus of the first semester and also serves as the central class that prepares the first-year students for their advancement review, which occurs at the end of the second semester. One of the central focuses of Dialogues & Practices 2 is on cultivating individual methods of experimentation within a students practices, with the aim of moving their work either conceptually, formally or materially well beyond the level and quality of work with which they entered the program. In this class we are looking for the "sweet spot:" the narrow place where endless possibilities exist simultaneously. How can we construct an arena where the whirl of constant contradictions can be reckoned with, slowly sorted out, turned upside down, and rearranged finally? How does one recognize the center of one's work? What might it take to make a group of works finished, and ready for review? In this class we answer these questions as a small community, and figure out how to repeat the process successfully out in the world. Where contemporary art pivots around in uncertainty, trying to determine the value or difference between truth and falsehood, theatricality and process switch places again and again, ever changing with fashion. How can we use them as tools? What is the difference between fashion and being of one's own time? How do we tailor a vantage point to serve an artwork so that we are furiously inspired and challenged? Short readings, and lively field trips are included.