DP2: Visual Voice

The second semester of Dialogues & Practices deepens the contact and critical focus of the first semester and also serves as the central class that prepares the first-year students for their advancement review, which occurs at the end of the second semester. One of the central focuses of Dialogues & Practices 2 is on cultivating individual methods of experimentation within a students practices, with the aim of moving their work either conceptually, formally or materially well beyond the level and quality of work with which they entered the program. Using research and a sustained project-based inquiry throughout the semester, this seminar will provide opportunities for students to experiment in their studio practice and explore a variety of presentation strategies for their work. Because work-in-progress is most effectively critiqued in concrete presentations rather than abstract proposals, students will be required to stage presentations of their work beyond the context of the studio. These critiques will draw language from the methodologies of interdisciplinary, social practice and media artists to find the contextual basis for the work in the world beyond the classroom. Several readings and a field trip will be utilized to help frame the discussions of the students work.