SRL/ENGAGE: Creole Procession

Towards a Creole Procession This is a two part, off campus studio lab exploring the performance of ancestral histories in a creolized context and the staging of artworks (both historical and contemporary) as ethnographic artifacts and cultural transmitters. How does juncture and disjuncture between the self, ancestors and contemporary culture manifest in narrative, object making and gesture? How is meaning made and un-made? In part one of this lab - (late Jan and Feb) we will be working in and with the Asian Art Museum, responding to objects in its permanent collection and potentially its history as an institution to produce a public program scheduled for February 28, 2013. Students will have the opportunity to shape this program and engage in object making and/or narrative production and performance. In Part two, taking place April 1-12, we will be working with Andre Eugene and Leah Gordon, the curators of the Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince Haiti in condensed exploration, object making and discussion around Haitian art and its context, Kanaval, vodou and the presence of the ancestors in a country where creole is synonymous with national identity. Andre Eugene is one of the founding members of the Atis Rezistans, a group of sculptors from the Grand Rue neighborhood in port-au-prince whose work ranges from large scale assemblage to community organization. Leah Gordon is a UK based photographer, film-maker and curator who has, in recent years, produced a considerable body of work on the representational boundaries between art, religion, anthropology, colonialism and folk history. Baba Funke