FAS: Totally

Totally - The Aesthetics of Everything In the age of interactive maps, web-encyclopedias and online superstores, the experience of "everything" has become a dominant perspective. Mark Lombardi, Wolfgang Tillmans, Emily Prince, Douglas Gordon and many other artists looked at totalities as an engine for their projects. This class examines ?everything? as a contemporary phenomena and a territory of work. Student work will be scrutinized and presented in different contexts. Course participants will be forced to leave the comfort zone of their personal practices and think about work in new terms. Despite the open-endedness of the subject, "Totally" has the ambition to steer clear of meaningless random and provide an experience of everything that moves you. I will be in a residency in Kyoto, Japan until April 10th. A few sessions of the course will be taught via Skype from Kyoto. My studio in Kyoto will serve as an alternate classroom where you will create installations of work that you will send to me electronically or by mail. In addition, a group of artists, writers, DJs and curators that I work with regularly will conduct seminar sessions and lead critiques. The last month of the course will be taught by me in person in San Francisco, and will take the format of a series of four intensives to be arranged. An information session to discuss class logistics will be scheduled for December 2012.