SRL: Making Writing Eating...

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Making, Looking, Thinking, Eating, Walking, Talking, Writing Our research will start with our work and explore out from there. (I say "our work" because I want to include myself in this process). We will begin by looking at what we are doing in our studios, not with the idea of critiquing it in any traditional sense, but as a way to glimpse ideas supporting our practices. It is through this forensic approach, by looking into the cracks, trying to locate things at the periphery that we will begin and then expand our research. As the senior member of the group, the chief detective if you will, it will be my job to encourage the investigations and, with your input, help identify possible avenues of further research. It is my intention to seek destinations that we might not have considered and that carry us well beyond the confines of school. We will take advantage of the many resources available to us in the Bay Area, both art related and not. As the title of this research lab is intended to suggest, we will be expansive in our approach and interdisciplinary in our method. We will meet on 5-6 Thursdays (the exact day needs to be scheduled) during the semester. Our sessions will start at 10 and finish around 3, depending on the schedule for the day.