FAS: Body Talk

This critique-based seminar is for artists working in ANY medium that are interested in exploring figuration, portraiture, or the body in their artist practice. Regular group critiques will accompany lectures that will examine various historical moments in art where the maker uses the human body as an intermediary of and for content. During the semester each student will be responsible to create one presentation specifically examining a movement or artist/s related to each students studio research. Lecture/section titles "Stigmata- holes in your body," "Stick things up your butt- self penetration of the artist," "The body canvas," "Bad acting- us as prop or performer," "Ready to wear- what is on the body, fashion and art." Among many of the artists we will examine include; Meleko Mokgosi, Daria Martin, GG Allin, Henry Taylor, Marina Abramovic, Kate Costello, Kurt Kauper, Ruby Neri, Zackary Drucker, Georg Herold, Simone Forti, Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Monica Mijoli, Katherine Bernhardt, Raffi Kalenderian.