SRL: Art Band

In this SRL we will collectively form an Art Band. This class will begin by asking each student to present something to the group that has inspired them and significantly influenced the development of their art practice to date. This could be a reading, an image, an object, or anything else. These chosen things will then act as material for the group to compose a series of musical performances that will be presented live at the end of the semester. This class is not about writing songs 'about' things, (although this could be one approach). This class is about embodying something within a musical performance that will establish a unique form of critique. Within a series of musical spaces created by the band we will play with and manipulate established notions of language, context, representation, expectation and relevance. This interrogation will enable elements of your practice to receive a distinct form of inquiry. Moderate proficiency in a musical instrument is certainly useful, but not essential, as music in this context is somewhat open to interpretation, and there is also a strong emphasis on the performative. Some equipment can be provided but you are encouraged to bring your own. After an initial meeting on the SF Campus, the group will meet in an off campus location in San Francisco for band practice approximately once every two weeks.