SRL: Rehabbing Idealism

This Studio Research Lab will foster discussions that hearken back to a place of idealism in one's art practice. Perhaps not so long ago, there was a moment where things clicked and you realized that you were making art and that it was a pursuit that held the promise of tremendous meaning in your life. In those pre/early self-defined as Artist days, you operated out of a place of optimism, driven solely by ideas. Given a baseline understanding of art history, contemporary practices and the art market, a return to Eden is unlikely. But a revisiting of idealism - some meditation on what drives your work and what inspires you- may prove useful as you wade deeper into art-world waters. Meetings will be held off-campus, may involve the consumption of food and drink, may include visits with artists and non-artists, may require some walking, and will most certainly require a commitment to a significant level of candor. The discussions will take place at a comfortable remove from the studio and students will be charged with presenting their work verbally, as well as with the aid of sketches, smartphones, tablets and laptops. The aim of these sessions will be to create a dialogue (as opposed to a critique) surrounding students' ideas and practices. This Studio Research Lab is particularly well suited for students doing project-based work and social and contextual practice work.