FAS: Drawing Intensive

This course will meet at the instructor's studio where we will engage in a series of drawing "jam sessions". Individual works and collaborative efforts will all be in play. The focus is on putting ego/authorship aside, solving problems collectively, and creating a reservoir of accumulated drawing energy to tap into. While some of the work produced may be collaborative in the sense that multiple pairs of hands touch it, collaboration can also be achieved through editorial or intellectual input. The ultimate goal is to find practical solutions for making "good" pictures outside of the confines of self. I must emphasize that this course does NOT discourage participants from creating works of which they are the sole "author", it only seeks to expand each participant's skill set and to harness intellectual/ physical exertion that can be applied to both collaborative and individual practices. We will end this course by curating and installing an installation of the works we produce at a venue to be announced in the future.