SRL: Stammtisch

The German word "Stammtisch" denotes a reserved spot for regulars in a restaurant, a place where friends meet for convivial or contentious conversation, sometimes around a set topic. This course takes the model of the Stammtisch as its point of departure: it will begin as a round table discussion, over food, of contemporary artistic topics of interest. Where the course goes-both philosophically and physically-will be determined by the interests and dynamic of the group, with the conversations rooted in questions of the position of the artist today. There may be readings, studio visits, even strolls, but what happens is totally open and will be determined by class consensus. Stammtisch is a free-form experiment: proceeding from the skeleton definition of a course as a set group of people regularly meeting at a certain place and time, and taking it out of the classroom and into a restaurant. Hopefully, we can take advantage of this change of context to open ourselves to new thoughts and ways of being. It is interdisciplinary, and all artists are welcome.