FAS: Las Vegas Exchange

Artists in Las Vegas face an odd dilemma. How can you produce and present art in relation to a place that trumps every visual experience? CCA students in this course confront this challenge by taking a trip to Las Vegas and installing an exhibition at the Art Gallery of the University of Nevada. Leading up to the trip various academic and cinematic explorations of the Las Vegas phenomenon (f. ex.: Learning from Las Vegas, MIT Press, 1977; The Hangover, 2009) will be examined to inspire thinking for this show. While there are no thematic or formal restrictions for this exhibition, it is expected that the show will produce an experience that goes beyond being a display of CCA MFA student work. Graduate students of the Art Department at the University of Nevada will host the CCA class during the stay in Las Vegas. In exchange, the members of this course will organize and host an exhibition of MFA student work from the University of Nevada on the CCA campus. The majority of the class time will be spent on the trip to Las Vegas in March. Some meetings will be held in advance of the trip but the class will not meet on a weekly basis. Travel costs will be associated with this course, though efforts will be undertaken to keep them at a minimum.