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This seminar provides an overview and introduction to the highly diverse spectrum of contemporary media art practice. It is designed primarily for the GFA student who is thinking about or interested in incorporating technology into his/her work, but who has had little practical exposure to working with media technology. The class will combine discussions regarding both conceptual and practical considerations related to media practice, presentations by established media artists and curators, and critique and problem-solving of student work in development. We will conduct several off-site trips, including a visit to SFMOMA to meet with members of the Museum's media installation team. The goal of the seminar is to provide students with a greater familiarity with the breadth of current media practice, as well as a greater degree of confidence in navigating the often complex range of practical concerns associated with media-based practice. Some specific topics to be covered will include compression & transcoding issues, current display and playback technologies, and some best-practice approaches to media installation. Finally, the class will also investigate some of the unique challenges associated with the collection and preservation of media-based works.