SRL: Zen Hospice Project

Zen Hospice Project ENGAGE SRL Since 1987 Zen Hospice Project ( has developed groundbreaking programs and services to bring compassionate care to those facing end of life, their loved ones, and their caregivers. The Zen Hospice Project Guest House will provide a place for student participants in this ENGAGE SRL to reflect on notions of impermanence and absence, looking for where these reflections intersect with art practice. Within the space of the Guest House, we will collaborate on a series of privacy curtains to be hung in threshold spaces. Simple stitching methods will keep our work intimate and portable. Additional curriculum may include visits with hospice residents, staff, and volunteers; working with resident's families on legacy projects; writing and readings on relevant subjects; field trips to other sites; and finally, the production of a book that documents our work. Please note: Meeting times are Thursdays 9-12. Though the class will not necessarily meet every week, all participants must be available on Thursday mornings. Generally the class will meet within the listed timeframe, but there may be days when longer stays at the Guest House are recommended or desired. No prior experience with hospice or textiles is needed. Please contact Anne Wolf for more detailed information ENGAGE at CCA courses partner students with organizations to identify and address a specific need, allowing students to apply critical, creative problem-solving toward real-world resolutions. ENGAGE is a program of the Center for Art and Public Life.