Graduate Studio Practice

Graduate Studio Practice is a flexible course of individualized study whose goal is to help promote the development and refinement of students' work by offering critical feedback, professional guidance, or skills in particular areas of expertise. The student will initiate contact with the Studio Advisor and is responsible for communicating their specific goals and defining the working relationship; together they should agree to the terms of their exchange. This arrangement may include one (or more) of the following: a specific schedule of studio visits - most of which will occur in the graduate studios on CCA's San Francisco campus - during which the Advisor should offer critical feedback about the formal qualities of the student's work, their aesthetic intentions/strategies, research methods, etc.; the development of a bibliography, a list of artists/events/exhibitions that the student should research and then discuss in subsequent meetings; suggestions for potential visual, cultural or bibliographic resources to explore; a tutorial on a specific set of technical skills (e.g., mold-making, video editing, photoshop, bookbinding, printmaking, voice lessons, etc.); guidance with the student's writing projects. Meetings are determined by the student and Advisor according their mutual availability. Studio Practice Advisors should be honest, rigorous, and constructive in their critiques.