Meet the Chair

Erik Scollon

Meet Erik Scollon!

We're thrilled to welcome you to California College of the Arts.

While each student works closely with many faculty members, advisors, program managers, and studio managers throughout his or her time at CCA, we in the First Year Program are excited to be the first point of contact for incoming students.

First Year Program at CCA

Our purpose is to inspire our students to grow and refine the skills, aptitudes, insights, and accomplishments that go beyond their dreams and expectations.

As we challenge students to understand their work in a larger social context, they begin to exercise the pragmatic and flexible creative thinking that artists and designers need in order to shape collaborative networks and manage a highly unpredictable future.

Faculty Values

The First Year faculty seeks to introduce students to the principles and skills common to art, design, and architecture. We seek to build a confident and reflective first-year community wherein students establish connections to a discipline, faculty, the larger Bay Area, as well as their personal vision.

Our faculty is composed of dedicated teachers from across the college. Each member is responsible for co-creating the curriculum. We build diverse and progressive learning environments that invite difference, individual learning styles, and an interdisciplinary approach to making and problem solving.

Committed to hiring artists, architects, and designers who match the diverse cultural fabric in which we live, we encourage critical awareness and active participation.

A Transition in Two Phases

We envision your transition to the college and our community in two phases: The first semester is a time for you to explore all CCA has to offer, while building the skills necessary to meet the challenges inherent in a rigorous education.

By connecting you to resources such as First Year Advising, which promote a healthful and positive experience in the first semester, the First Year Program prepares students for a successful college experience.

Then in the spring semester, while continuing with comprehensive services and support systems, we shift the focus toward opportunities and connections related to the various majors and programs at the college.

Get Involved!

Each semester the First Year Program provides opportunities for students to take part in communal artistic endeavors that interact with their courses.

Fall semester includes Jump Start, which was founded upon the principles of social justice and cultural difference. Jump Start offers incoming students an introduction to the intellectual culture and mission of CCA.

This inquiry intersects all Core courses each year during the first and second week of the fall semester.

In spring semester, get ready to submit work for the First Year Exhibition, a juried exhibition in the Oliver Art Center. Every year we have a great reception with food and music, as we celebrate your accomplishments over the past year.

Although the first year is just the beginning, it provides the basis for a successful and productive college career at CCA and beyond.