California College of the Arts is a place for people who believe creative work can positively and powerfully affect our society. People who want to make art that matters.

An arts education has never been more relevant or more valuable. Today, creative people are recognized as necessary to help solve the world’s most pressing problems. And CCA students, alumni, and faculty are at the cutting edge of every creative field, working in industry and the community, and founding enterprises of their own.

See last year's Furniture-ish, an end-of-year exhibition of senior-level work, to witness the creative breadth our students develop while here at CCA. They develop their own unique voice and style while engaging in dynamic, contemporary conversations about such crucial issues as innovation, sustainability, and craft.

Take a moment to review just some of the work graduates of CCA's Furniture Program have gone on to accomplish. Be prepared to be impressed, and imagine yourself or your son or daughter doing similar work.


Carly Borman
Michele Marti


Noah Brezel
Gregory Johnson
Joy Umali (Read more)


Bobby Brinton
Layla Burke
Willem Evett-Miller
Liz Koerner


Shawn HibmaCronan
Albert Hsu
Jafe Meltesen-Lee


Raun Harris
Jeremy Kaplan
Adrien Segal


Cheryl Gallagher
Rosie Hanna
Yvonne Mouser; (Read more)
Alex Ryan; (Read more)
Courtney Skott
Ania Wagner


Liz Dunning
Todd Laby (individualized major)
Alexis Moran
Andrew Utt (individualized major)
Portia Wells


Vincent Sol


Tetsushi Inoue
Florian Roeper


Mike Farrugia
Margaret Leigh


James Benn


Laura Rittenhouse
Jeanice Skvaril (nondegree)