Wornick Distinguished Visiting Professors

The Wornick Distinguished Visiting Professor of Wood Arts within the Furniture Program of California College of the Arts is a vital aspect of our dedication to bringing in innovative artists, designers, and makers from around the world to work with our students firsthand. (See Wornick Award for additional history.)

Each fall an invited artist or designer settles in to a one-to-three-month-long residency in which he or she continues personal work as well as teaches in the Studio Atelier course. This provides students an opportunity to work with world-class creators and to experience the making process from a wide variety of approaches and philosophies.

Selection Process

Each visiting professor is chosen from a list of candidates the Furniture faculty compiles. Individuals are selected for their unique talents and diverse perspectives. The residency provides students learning opportunities from those individuals who are often from outside academia, creating long-lasting relationships for everyone. This exciting position continues our tradition of bringing the world of art and design into the classroom.

Current & Past Visiting Professors

Starting with the current Wornick Distinguished Visiting Professor in Wood Arts and following with previous artists, all artists listed below have taught at CCA in this accomplished role, lending their expertise and craftsmanship to students in the Furniture Program.

Scott Constable

2010 — Artist and furniture designer Scott Constable is CCA's fall 2010's Wornick Distinguished Visiting Professor of Wood Arts. He is a woodworker who uses his craft to explore the social and philosophical issues of everyday life. His work, ranging from furniture to architecture and environmental sculpture, has exhibited internationally and garnered numerous design awards. Read more »

Michael Cooper

2009 — Internationally known sculptor, machinist, and hot rod enthusiast, Michael Cooper came to teach how synthesis, rule breaking, and planning without a plan can be a truly liberating experience. Students were lead through a vast series of technical demonstrations and told to create parts/experiments and let the materials guide them through the building process. Read more »

Walter Kitundu

2008 — A MacArthur Grant recipient at the young age of 35, Walter Kitundu is a sound artist and inventor of original musical instruments that navigate the boundary between live and recorded performance. Inspired by hip-hop, other modern musical forms, and traditional Asian and African instruments, Kitundu’s phonoharps are hybrids of turntables and stringed instruments. Read more »

David Trubridge

2006David Trubridge is a designer of international repute whose skills are built on his earlier wealth of craft knowledge. As a Wornick Distinguished Visiting Professor in Wood Arts, Trubridge worked with graduate students in Fine Arts and with a group of undergraduate students enrolled in the Studio: Atelier course. Read more »

Richard La Trobe Bateman

2005Richard La Trobe Bateman came from the United Kingdom, where he has a stellar reputation as a furniture designer-maker, critic, educator, and designer and builder of bridges. Bateman, with Donald Fortescue, developed an ambitious and exciting project for the Studio: Atelier course that involved a collaboration with the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains, east of Carmel. Read more »