The Ronald & Anita Wornick Award

The Ronald and Anita Wornick Award was established by the Wornick Company on the occasion of Ronald C. Wornick's retirement as president and CEO.

Reflecting the wishes of the Wornicks, the award is intended to recognize, nourish, and encourage talented students in the wood arts at California College of the Arts.

A gifted amateur wood artist, Ronald Wornick has been a member of the CCA Board of Trustees since 1992.

Ronald & Anita Wornick Awards Exhibition

The 2013 Annual Ronald & Anita Wornick Award Exhibition features an exhibition of works by CCA's most talented students in the wood arts.

This year is a special 15-year retrospective featuring the work of 2013 award recipients Asa Hillis and Hannah Quinn. See images »

The exhibition also included works from selected past awardees:

Carly Borman (2011)
Mateo Hao (2013)
Shawn Hibmacronan (2009)
Peter L’Abbe (2012)
Christopher Loomis (2007)
Yvonne Mouser (2006)
Scott Oliver (2005)
Andrew Perkins (2011)
Maiko Sugano (2004)

Download the commemorative program »

From Ronald & Anita Wornick

We are very proud to support CCA’s brilliantly creative and talented young wood artists through the Ronald and Anita Wornick Awards. It has been a joyous and rewarding experience from the very beginning.

In our opinion, wood as a base material for the exploration of art and ideas has been barely scratched. Wood is magic in the hands of a craftsperson/artist who understands the subtle nuances and powerful life story contained in every piece.

We see this medium as much more useful than a blank frame of canvas, and equally challenging. CCA students are up for this challenge, and thanks to their inspiration and hard work the field will continue to evolve and look forward to a provocative, significant, and growing future.

From Interim Furniture Chair Barbara Holmes

Since 1998 the Ronald and Anita Wornick Award has recognized student achievement in wood art at California College of the Arts. This year we have the pleasure of celebrating the award’s 15th anniversary and the wonderful work of our 2013 award winners Asa Hillis and Hannah Quinn as well as the work of Wornick Award alumni.

As interim chair and a faculty member for the past eight years, I have personally seen what a boon the Wornick Award is for its recipients.

For many, the Wornick Award is the first major accolade they receive for their work, and it helps propel them toward future success.

Many alumni of the award have since established their own furniture design and fabrication businesses. Others work for leading Bay Area design firms, exhibit as artists, teach at prominent institutions, and continue their studies at MFA programs nationwide.

On behalf of the Furniture Program and the award recipients, I would like to thank Ronald and Anita Wornick for their continued generous investment in our promising students.

From President Stephen Beal

"On the 15th anniversary of the Ronald and Anita Wornick Award, I would like to extend our deepest thanks to Ron and Anita for their tremendous contributions to CCA and to the field of wood arts.

"They have been instrumental in inspiring students, faculty, and the public through their support not only of the Wornick Award but also of visiting faculty and lecturers who expose the CCA community and the wider public to this extraordinary medium.

"The Wornick Award has helped position CCA as a national leader in the wood arts. Many congratulations to Ron and Anita, and also to Russell Baldon, chair of the Furniture Program, for their contributions and leadership."