Professional Practice

This course is critical to all those in the applied arts (e.g. Furniture, Fashion, Glass, Ceramics, Metal Arts, etc.) who face the unique challenges of todays cultural conditions. Professional Practice takes a radical look at your work, its motivations, cultural context and conditions. Whilst looking at the efficacy of existing methods and approaches within the design industry we will develop practical strategies and critical thinking that will broaden your understanding of the discipline you are engaged with and the topology of the culture it inhabits. This course will investigate what it means to be involved in the discipline as designer/maker/artist, as well as how your practice is as much a medium to engage in culture as it is a discipline. Our discussions will be supplemented by visiting experts from such diverse fields as design, making, trend forecasting, art direction, graphic design, public relations, intellectual property law. There will also be site visits and practical engagement with new and existing forms of communication. Ultimately, your ideas and your creative practice are your professional practice. How to translate and express that, effectively and successfully, is what this course will cover. Helping you develop your point of view, the story you want to tell, gain understanding the landscape within which you are working and the tools to navigate the terrain.