MH: Hist & Theory 20th c Furn

We will study the origins of modern design and the major schools and philosophies of 20th Century furniture design. This will range from the 19th century roots of the Industrial Revolution, the Arts and Crafts movement, European design movements such as the Vienna Werkstatte and the Bauhaus, the development of the first international styles such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernism, through to contemporary studio art furniture, the use of furniture forms by contemporary visual artists and contemporary conceptual design. Throughout the seminar, the social, economic and cultural context of furniture will be emphasized and we will discuss the evolution of the domestic realm and the role of furniture within it. These topics will be presented in a series of lectures by the instructor together with focused readings and discussions. Students will complete a series of short writing exercises, develop a concept and catalog for an exhibition of furniture design and complete a written exam as part of their assessment.