Meet the Chair

Meet Nathan Lynch 

At CCA GLASS we are excited to use glass materials and techniques for the full range of creative possibilities. Our hope is to give students the widest experience using this material as a means of expression and tool for production.  

I am honored to serve as the chair of CCA’s Glass Program. My own work operates at the intersection of ceramics, sculpture, and performance art. For the last 20 years, I have used clay as the central material for working through my ideas and fabricating sculpture and I fundamentally believe in the potential for ceramics working in concert with other materials and histories. I come to CCA Glass with 10 years experience as Chair of Ceramics, thinking through the rich potential for material-based programs and why they can be the most exciting place to learn at an art and design school.

As a student at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, I studied with the legendary sculptor Ken Price. Later, I was fortunate to work with Ron Nagle, while completing my MFA at Mills College. Under the guidance of these two great artists, I developed an appreciation for well-crafted objects, a respect for an intuitive working process and a deep belief in the power of my peers.

When you come to study art at CCA you will find an abundance of talented faculty excited to share their passion and skills with you. A few of them will blow your mind and some may even change your life.   But in the end, it’s your peers that will make the greatest difference in your future.  The trick is, you can’t choose them, you’ve got to show up to find out, because they are reading this website today, just like you, trying to figure out if this place is the right place for them.  You will find a group of people here willing to take chances and push the edges.  

We encourage our students to approach glass with a strong foundation in art history and a deep commitment to our role as citizens of the world, recognizing our ability to affect social, environmental and political change. Students are able to position their work within the field of visual production and to imagine where their work will have the most power.  Our curriculum includes a high number of electives, giving Glass students the flexibility to develop a critical voice and attain interdisciplinary abilities in addition to their proficiency in glass.

In our studio, we strive to make our facilities an open-source model for education by sharing our knowledge, faculty, and students with the entire college. We run workshops each year in collaboration with other programs at CCA such as Industrial Design, Sculpture and Printmaking.  Interdisciplinary studio work allows non-glass students and faculty to bring fresh eyes and exciting ideas to our studio. In doing so, they challenge the way we think and build. I encourage students to immerse themselves in research, experiment with abandon, and be nimble whenever possible.