Advanced Glass Studio

The Advanced Glass Studio is a concept-oriented, three-consecutive-semester program. Students in the first semester of the Advanced Glass Studio will be expected to explore and expand on the development of skills and techniques acquired in the first Glass Studio courses. The instructional emphasis at this level is on a continual analysis and critical approach to works in progress and concluded projects. By the second semester of the Advanced Glass Studio, students should be able to demonstrate a high degree of independence and commitment and be technically proficient. In this course, students are required to develop a substantial body of work, calling upon their unique accumulation of knowledge and experience to create projects that are expressive, original and of the highest quality. This is a student-orchestrated program. In conjunction with the professor, students follow on independent work study of their own design. It is recommended that they develop a critical discourse with students and faculty from other disciplines. The course includes critiques, group dialogue, readings, slide lectures, field trips, and visiting artists. Additional materials fee will be charged.