Graduate Alumni

CCA graduate alumni have a track record of success. The Graduate Program in Design, for example, boasts a remarkable 100 percent job placement within the first two years after graduation—even in this challenging economy.

Many graduate alumni find meaningful jobs in key cultural institutions, and those working independently have major accomplishments to their credit.

Recognized CCA Graduate Alumni

Anthony Discenza, MFA 2000. Anthony is a video artist whose work has been shown at numerous national and international venues, including the Museum of Modern Art.

Harrell Fletcher, MFA 1994. Known for his work exploring the nature of community, Harrell was selected for the 2004 Whitney Biennial.

Berin Golonu, MA 2003. Berin is assistant visual arts curator at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Todd Hido, MFA 1996. Todd's photography is in the collections of major museums including the Guggenheim Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Caroline Lu, MFA 2008. Caroline was recently named one of the "21 People Who Will Change Business" by BusinessWeek; she currently works as a designer at SPARC, a division of the Mayo Clinic.

Christy Matson, MFA 2005. Known for her interactive installations, performances, and sound pieces, she was recently awarded artist residencies at HarvestWorks in NY and Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.

Erin Holmes McCluskey, MFA 2003. Erin has published fiction and poetry in Five Fingers Review, Puerto del Sol, and other literary journals.

Dacia Mitchell, MA 2003. Dacia is currently employed as the primary research assistant for the Getty Research Institute's Scholars in Residence in Los Angeles.

Andy Nicholson, MFA 2008. Andy received the Schaeffer Fellowship in poetry in 2008.

Laurie Reid, MFA 1996. Laurie has been featured in solo and group exhibitions, including the 2000 Whitney Biennial; she received the SECA Art Award in 1998.

Jennifer Sonderby, MFA 2002. Jennifer is head of graphic design/creative director at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Hank Willis Thomas, MFA 2003. Hank won the first ever Aperture West Book Prize in 2008 for his monograph, Pitch Blackness.

Jessica Silverman, MFA 2007. Jessica is the owner and founder of the Silverman Gallery in San Francisco.