Civic Innovation

Never before has innovation needed to be embodied and supported in government policy than it does today.

Make Policy That Makes Change

With rapidly changing culture and society, governments and NGOs need new tools, processes, and policies to successfully build a foundation for innovation in the public sphere.

CCA’s MBA in Civic Innovation is a new kind of degree at the intersection of professional skills, policy contexts, sustainable values, and design-thinking techniques.

Together, these skills support each other in the development of smart, forward-thinking, and effective governance for an evolving, meaningful future.

Real-World Transdisciplinary Focus

Our faculty helps students learn a variety of tools and gain transdisciplinary perspectives on markets, government, organizations, and individuals, while working with real organizations and agencies to develop actual new solutions.

Our unique, hands-on curriculum is project based and balances idealistic values about the future and change with realistic practice for today's political environment.

Bay Area Innovation Lab:
Prototype for New Forms of Governance

The San Francisco Bay Area is the most innovative region in the world. We have the deeply entrepreneurial spirit of the start-up culture, the balance of realism and optimism in the large, sustainability- and systems-oriented NGO and nonprofit sector, and the commitment to new forms of democracy and local values in the local governments and agencies.

This region of the world forms a petri dish like no other for creating new policies, solutions, and relationships between citizens and organizations.