Meet the Chair

We're living in the new golden age of comics.

Never before has this wonderfully rich medium received both equal parts critical acclaim and cultural popularity.

There's a reason for this: comics are cool. They always have been. They always will be. They tell a story like no other medium. And they're evolving. Reaching greater heights of artistic achievement with each new generation of comic creators.

From the first time I read a comic book as a kid, I wanted to be part of this world. I wanted to be a storyteller. I wanted to feel what it was like to write and draw my dreams on paper.

I know you know that feeling too.

Education and comics are my personal passions. When I was asked to put together a program specifically geared toward the comic-book medium, I jumped at the chance.

With CCA's MFA in Comics program, we've created a community that brings together the best of our writing, illustration, fine arts, and design departments all in one place.

It's a program that sharpens our skills, expands our artistic horizons, and challenges our assumptions of what this humble, yet limitless medium can do.

We've carefully crafted the curriculum to take full advantage of your strengths as a writer and an artist. We've been hand-selecting only the best comics educators in the industry. And we look forward to introducing you and your work to the professional comics community and the ever-expanding audience of comic lovers around the world.

Give yourself permission to follow your dream. Make comics with us here at CCA.

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