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Our graduates are propelling Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and nonprofits using honed strategies and methods.

They are part of the rapidly growing community of business thought leaders, innovators and doers who recognize the importance and power of design to drive and accelerate transformative outcomes.

he Zoo Labs team (from left): David Watson, Vinitha Watson, Brad Dollar, and Brandt Williams

When Vinitha Watson (DMBA 2010; CCA trustee) left CCA, she had a newfound understanding of design strategy. With that, she headed back to her first love, music.

She launched an in-demand accelerator program called Zoo Labs, where musicians representing all genres vie for a chance to spend a two-week residency at the state-of–the-art facilities.

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A group of villagers in Tanzania

Anna Acquistapace (DMBA 2011), Olivia Nava (DMBA 2012), and Eric Persha (DMBA 2012) launched a startup called Juabar. 

It involves members of a solar-distribution company as a partner organization to offer community members in rural Tanzania connectivity services that use renewable solar energy.

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