Open Source Curricula

Hands-on applied learning that is focused on real-world challenges is an essential part of CCA’s MBA in Design Strategy program.

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The MBA in Design Strategy program has been continuously publishing some of its curricula as free syllabi and teaching materials to help instructors teach key topics for the future.

So far, these courses are studio courses, meant to teach students by making and doing, instead of merely reading and regurgitating.

See also Program Books.

These ready-to-use syllabi can easily be customized for different situations. They are primarily created for design and business programs at either the graduate and undergraduate level, but can be adopted for teaching to most any audience at most any level.

These curricula are published under the following Creative Commons license.


Sustainability Studio:
A Course in Sustainable Design 1.0

Experiences Studio:
Exploring the Full Dimensions of Experience Design 1.0

Market Insight Studio:
Research for More Meaningful Offerings 1.0

Sustainability Scorecard

Dynamic Value Model (Beta 4.0)

Experiences Workbook


Design Strategy in Action
Belonging (CITRIX Sponsored Project)
2012 Annual
2011 Annual
2010 Annual