Paul Marion Wood is working in the Kaloleni District of Kenya just near the Kayafungo sub-location, where he lived and conducted research in 2010. Wood and his colleagues are conducting a pilot project on design training and product development for under-privileged communities, and polytechnic (or trade schools) in rural Kenya. His team met with the University of Nairobi and their design department, which was established in 2006 where he has learned a lot about similar projects that have been done with Universities in Lund and Italy.

Zachary Gibson is an experience designer at Hot Studio in San Francisco. Gibson notes, "At Hot people-centered design isn't a buzzword, it's the way we approach everything we do. Design has the power to be transformative, and we embrace that. While creating tactical products and services, we also create in-depth strategic tool your organization can leverage to grow and evolve. We help people and interact in new ways."

Charlotte Cooper is an art director at MUH·TAY·ZIK | HOF·FER, a start-up in "the industry formerly known as advertising," where she has contributed to projects for Google, iMeet, Lonely Planet, and designed an iPhone app ("Hey Look!").

Renee Walker is working with Harold McGee to develop a new look for food labels, a project that is an outgrowth of work in a CCA Studio class. http://berkeley.news21.com/foodlabel/

Brian Nikonow has had his laser-cut maps of San Francisco accepted at Gump´s in San Francisco for sale. The maps began as part of his graduate thesis but have taken on a life of their own: Nikonow is expanding his practice to include custom maps, designed to reflect specific places meaningful to his clients.

Sean Ross is continuing post-grad life at his one-man design shop where he provides value to clients with his expertise in user experience, visual/interaction design, and creative strategy. Sean also works extensively in music and sound design, and is busy with several projects, including mastering a solo collection of older songs for digital release on iTunes as well as producing an album of new songs with Lara Manzanares (MFA Design '11) by using formal design processes and strategies they developed while at CCA. Read more as this project develops on his design blog, dsrstudio.com/dsrblog

Ian Cooley works in Bellevue, Washington, as a designer for Ascentium, a digital design company. As a designer, he works with both user-experience architects and visual designers as the organizer of the technology lab. To date, he has worked with interactive multi-touch surfaces and created a variety of one-off interactive devices for client pitches.


Gustavo Fricke´s blackbox, a project engaging Oaxacan communities in iterative making and thinking around traditional crafts is featured in Dwell magazine (July 2011) Check out: http://www.dwell.com/articles/hecho-en-oaxaca.html and http://www.la-blackbox.com/. Fricke started the project in 2006 before returning to school to receive an MFA in Design at CCA. One of the biggest challenges has been establishing trust with the artisans - a population that has been hugely exploited for many hundreds of years, leading to an extremely xenophobic world view. "It takes time to prove we´re worth their time," Fricke comments in Dwell.

Sarah Magrish Cline is working as a graphic designer at a Portland-based ID Branding with one of her "heroes," creative director Josh Berger. Cline has designed work coming out in Plazm #30 - "Rebirth." Her CCA thesis continues to garner attention - Cline was recently invited to contribute a book review to The International Journal of Illich Studies - an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to engaging the thought and writing of Ivan Illich and his circle.


Shagane Barsegian-Launey is currently working as an Associate Interaction Designer at R/GA, AdWeek's "Digital Agency of the Year."

Zakary Zide (2009) works for global branding, design, and advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy, in their London office.

Molly Ackerman-Brimberg is currently working as a Research Analyst at Ziba Design. Ziba is an internationally recognized design consultancy that helps companies create meaningful ideas, designs and experiences.

Lindsay Bazos began doing commissioned work with Johnson & Johnson's Global Strategic Design office shortly after graduating. In September of 2009, she transitioned into her current position as designer at Bumble and Bumble, a design-driven hair product and styling institution in New York City. Her identity work extends into print and environmental graphics, as well as copywriting. Given that her graduate thesis was titled "Rebranding Branding" and that her focus was on exploring more honest ways of branding, she is happily challenged to be designing for a product company where honesty and product functionality rule.

Melissa Martin works as Senior User Experience (UX) Researcher at Razorfish. She is responsible for understanding needs and other motivating factors that shape audience behavior, and for developing key insights and frameworks to help clients and design teams respond to the work. She consults with project teams on user insights and behaviors relative to their projects. One such project is with Kaiser Permanente.

Dana Ragouzeos has taken a position as a designer and researcher with SPARC (See-Plan-Act-Refine-Communicate) at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation. Caroline Lu (2008) also works in this unique group, combining designers with healthcare professionals to innovate in the area of patient-centered healthcare.


Kai Haley (2008) continues to work at Yahoo! on the Front Page Team. She recently finished a follow-up to the "Chuck the Cup" event that the Green Team did as part of Kai's thesis Project. The previous event (along with the Green Team efforts) was covered in the San Jose Mercury News.

Caroline Lu (2008) works as a designer and strategist with SPARC (which stands for See, Plan, Act, Refine, and Communicate), a part of the Center for Innovation at the Mayo Clinic.


Azusa Oda (2007) worked as a U.S.-Japan Leadership Program Delegate in Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan in 2007 and Seattle, Washington in 2008. The program is sponsored by the Japan Foundation.


Pamela Flaherty (2006) has been teaching several classes per semester at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. When she isn't teaching, Pam is helping to establish a Safe House as part of her post-thesis work with anti-trafficking. Pam is now engrossed in helping to find the house, meetings with potential donors, giving talks to raise public awareness, and designing materials to support the effort.

Rachael Posnak (2006) has accepted a teaching position as an assistant professor of art and graphic design at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

Jackson Pritt (2006) has accepted a full-time position as a graphic artist and product development specialist for Gama-Go in San Francisco.

Jacob White (2006) has been designing web-based projects for Apple.


Liz Craig's (2005) work recently appeared in two exhibitions, one at the Woodstock Opera House in Woodstock, Illinois, and another at Design Commission in Seattle, Washington, as part of Seattle's First Thursdays event.

Dan Shafer (2005) was selected to present a paper at the American Institute of Graphic Art's "Future History" conference in Chicago in October of 2004 and the "Schools of Thought" conference in Pasadena in March of 2005. Following graduation, Dan accepted teaching positions at two schools in Seattle: Seattle University and Cornish College of the Arts. Dan was hired by Cornish to rebuild the school's Book Arts program from the ground up and has recently become a member of the board for the Seattle Center for Book Arts. Dan has also recently exhibited his work in the exhibitions For the Chicks at the Design Commission Gallery in Seattle, Night Visions at the M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery in Seattle, International Boulevard at CCA's Oliver Art Center, and Catalog at the SOIL Art Gallery in Seattle.

Cassandra Kegler (2005) was selected to serve as a speaker and panel presenter for the American Institute of Graphic Art's "Future History" conference in Chicago in October of 2004. Since graduation, Cassandra has been working for Liz Goldwyn Films, a design office in Los Angeles, where she completed the design of the book Pretty Things: The Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens.

Adriana Pérez (2005) will be serving as an adjunct professor at University of California, Davis, and at Napa Valley College. She is the founder and creative director for Cultura Design, where she recently designed two journals, Poetry Inside Out and Two Lines, for the Center for the Art of Translation in San Francisco. Her other clients include Sutter Health and the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


Maggie Fost (2004) is working as a designer for Merge Records, where she produces CD packaging, posters, and marketing materials for Merge bands such as Spoon, the Arcade Fire, and Magnetic Fields. Maggie also won a national competition to serve as the full-time designer in residence at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, for the 2004–5 school year. An edited version of Maggie's graduate thesis was published in the design journal Inform.

Jill Bliss (2004) is a stationery and accessories designer for her own company, Blissen, and designs an eponymous stationery and gift line for Chronicle Books. Her work is featured in numerous exhibitions and boutiques worldwide.

Molly (Wanning) Cooper's (2004) graphic design studio, Martha Cooper Design, provides identity, print, and web services to nonprofit and arts organizations. In the holiday season of 2004, Molly launched Olive & Page, a letterpress greeting card company. Her cards can be purchased in stores throughout the Bay Area, San Diego, and Maine.

Sasha Panasik (2004) is currently serving as a senior art director at Agency.com in San Francisco and is a cofounder and principal designer of the studio Grand Object. During the past three years, Sasha's company has produced unique products that have been brought to market in local stores such as Zinc Details and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Joshua Singer (2004) has served as a professor in the design programs at the Academy of Art University and the San Francisco Art Institute and is currently teaching full-time in the design program at San Jose State University. Josh published an article about one of his graduate projects, "Olam Kattan: The Cycling Jew," for the Amsterdam magazine Orange Juice. His writing has also been published in CMYK magazine.

Kamomi Solidum (2004) recently accepted the position of senior graphic design coordinator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where she will work closely with the museum's curators and exhibition design team to design print and exhibition projects.


Linsey Silver (2003) is serving as an assistant professor of graphic design at American University in Washington, DC. Linsey's thesis publication, articulation, was featured at the international conference on the "Future of the Book" in Cairns, Australia, as well as the 2005 edition of the Steven Heller publication Becoming a Graphic Designer.

Louis Schalk (2003) is the founder of the design studio Plinth in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of Louis's papers was accepted for the MX Design Conference "Design Perspectives: Envisioning Design for the XXI Century" at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City in October 2005. Louis also teaches design, video, and art history to high-school students at the Albuquerque Academy.

Nazgol Ansarinia (2003) is currently teaching at Tehran Al-Zahra University in Iran. She is also a member of the editorial and design boards for Manzar magazine, and has served as a consultant for the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2006, Nazgol was awarded a four-month artist residency at the Fondazione Pisstelitto in Biella, Italy. In 2004, Nazgol's photographs were published in the international magazines Frieze and I.D. Nazgol was also selected to present a paper at the international design conference "New Views: Repositioning Graphic Design History," which was held in London in October 2005.


Stacy Asher (2002) is an assistant professor in Graphic Design at the Ohio University School of Art in Athens, Ohio, and has previously taught at the University of Dayton. For her advanced-level course Graphic Design and Social Change, her students have been building an online publication that serves as an overview of the history of graphic design and social change. Stacy has also served as a visiting professor at Centro Design School in Mexico City, where she taught an interactive mapping workshop.

Chris Corwin (2002) is serving as the founding chair of the undergraduate graphic design program at the University of San Francisco. Chris was selected to present a paper at the international design conference "New Views: Repositioning Graphic Design History," which was held in London in October 2005.

Jennifer Sonderby (2002) is the head of graphic design and creative director at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Her thesis, "Fastphoric," was nominated Best-in-Show by Artweek magazine in March 2003 and was featured in the 2005 edition of the Steven Heller publication Becoming a Graphic Designer. In April 2003, Jennifer presented her work at an international conference on the "Future of the Book" in Cairns, Australia, and the University of Technology in Sydney. She has taught design workshops in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Nagoya, Japan. Since graduating, she has received design awards in the following competitions: American Institute of Graphic Arts' Grown in California design competition (2004), AAM Museum Publications Design Competition (2005), New York Book Show (2004), Print Magazine's competition the Big Event (2004), and Print's Regional Design Annual (2004, 2005). Photographs that Jennifer made while working with the designer Saki Mafundikwa in Zimbabwe were featured in Eye magazine.