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About the Graduate Program in Design

When the current program launched in 2007, its emphasis on transdisciplinarity, design research, entrepreneurship, and collaborative work made it unique in the landscape of graduate design education.

Much of the quality of the program stems from its flexibility and foresight in addressing the changing world within and for which we design. The program continues to be unique, not only in its educational offering, but also in the excellence of its students, their projects, and the work they do after graduation.

Our program’s heritage is the Grad Design MFA, originally founded a decade ago by renowned graphic designer Lucille Tenazas, and led by Stuart McKee upon Lucille’s departure.

Faculty member Martin Venezky was also one of the founders of the original program and serves on the program’s current Core Committee.


Our faculty members' individual histories and practices embody this transdisciplinary ideal and who continually participate in developing the program’s vision and values.

We share a notion of design as not merely responsive, but also protean. We see design as a wellspring of popular culture and as a profound influencer of human values and actions.

Our Pro Council -- including some of the leading thinkers, designers, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians of our day -- helps to shape our vision and steer our course.


Our curriculum does not stand still. Just as our world and our profession exhibit continual change, the educational vision that guides us reaches forward to embrace important trends and acute needs; for example, growing emphasis on sustainability, sophisticated strategic thinking, emergent systems, and cutting-edge design research methods.