Three-Year MFA Option

CCA’s Graduate Program in Design offers a three-year MFA degree option in addition to our traditional two-year Design MFA.

Students whose undergraduate degree or equivalent professional experience in design or related fields has prepared them for rigorous work in a studio environment should consider the two-year Design MFA option.

Added Introductory Year Provides Key Foundation

The three-year MFA program includes an introductory year of foundation study during which you’ll be immersed in conceptual orientation and skill building projects within one of three concentrations you select:

  • industrial design
  • interaction design
  • visual communication

Our goal is to provide you with the disciplinary experience and tools you’ll need to better prepare you to earn your advanced design degree here at CCA.

Who Should Apply

The three-year MFA option is intended for persons with diverse academic degrees and life experience, specifically those:

  • whose undergraduate degree is related to a field other than design, yet seek an MFA in design.
  • who seek to apply their knowledge, interests, values, and aptitude in innovative ways and turn their interest in design into an active practice.
  • who wish to benefit from additional foundation study in a design discipline to prepare them for success in the program.

Get Advice About Your Options

Choosing the three-year MFA in Design option provides access to the same curriculum as the two-year option, but begins with additional foundation coursework.

For information about CCA's three-year MFA in Design program please contact Director of Graduate Admissions Noel Dahl.