MFA Design Program Options

2-Year MFA Design degree

The 2-year MFA program is a rigorous design education focused on prototyping, design method, independent research, and technology innovation. The curriculum combines intensive studios with supplementary courses in research practices, business models, design context, and technological exploration. It culminates in a year-long thesis investigation in your final year, combining research and design investigations into a body of work.

Who Should Apply

The two-year MFA program is intended for students with a background and career experience in the one of the three discipline concentrations. This option is for you if you:

  • hold an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design, Industrial Design, or Interaction Design.
  • are coming back to graduate school to jumpstart your career in the same discipline.
  • hope to learn new expansive skills and increase ability to create work across disciplines.
  • have experience working in the design field and aim to reinvent your current practice.

3-Year MFA Design degree

The Three-year MFA program adds an introductory year of foundation in advance of joining the Two-Year MFA curriculum. During this year, you’ll be immersed in conceptual orientation and skill building projects within your discipline concentration--Industrial Design, Graphic Design, or Interaction Design. The curriculum for this foundation year is focused on prototyping, design process, tools, and technology. It will provide you with the disciplinary experience and tools you’ll need to ‘hit the ground running’ in when you join the Two-Year MFA students in your second year.

Who Should Apply

The three-year MFA option is intended for students with diverse academic degrees and life experience. This program is for you if you:

  • hold peripheral or unrelated undergraduate degrees
  • are changing careers in design, and would like foundational study in a field different than your career or practice
  • feel you need additional foundation study to successfully prepare for the program